Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why is the blog titled “The Summer Games”?

A. Lacking enough creativity to create my own unique blog title, I searched around my room for an inspiration. Eventually The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins caught my attention. Lo’ and behold “The Summer Games” was born. However this title caused a bit of confusion as the Summer Olympics (which are commonly referred to as the Summer Games) were held last year. However I kept the name and think it rather quite brilliant.

Q. What encouraged you to create a summer bucket list blog?

A. The summer bucket list was originally created during Spanish class last year as a way to fight boredom. As the list grew longer I began to get a furious urge to complete all the tasks and sub sequentially write about all my summer adventures. This led to the discovery of numerous other teen summer bucket list blogs and the rest as they say, is history.

Q. You didn’t complete the list last year. Was this a disappointment?

A. “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again.” -Henry Ford

Q. What is Crohn’s Disease?

A. In earlier posts I’ve mentioned that I have Crohn’s disease. So in case you were wondering: “Crohn’s Disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract.” For more information on the disease you can check out this (very informative and helpful) website: http://www.ccfa.org/


Email: thesummergames@gmail.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/xmeganxxo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_summergames
Vine: @xmeganxxo

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