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#84 Go on a “date” with best friend

Once again I enlisted the help of my friend Micky to complete this bucket list item. I am also happy to say this list item is one of the few that I thought up completely by myself. It’s completely ingenious. Anyway, since we are both single (a fact that I am actually proud of because, unlike some of my peers, I plan to hold on to my youth) I figured we would have to use this to our advantage and go on a stereotypical “date” together. And by stereotypical I mean dinner and a movie.

We decided to see Pixar’s newest animation masterpiece, Brave. Due to a vicious storm that had hit two days before and left half our city without power or water the mall/movie theater was completely packed. It was utter chaos, with lines to the street and movies being sold out like crazy. Just our luck Brave was one of the sold out movies. However, Micky being the bad influence she is, convinced me to buy tickets to The Avengers and then sneak into Brave. Trust me, it was pretty hardcore. I’m now a juvenile delinquent and have probably ruined my chances of getting into a good college, even though we didn’t get caught. I mean technically we did nothing wrong…we still paid for the movie. And as I was buying my ticket for The Avengers it happened to sell out, leaving Micky with a ticket and me without. When I explained the situation to the teller she gave me a ticket to some Tyler Perry movie and told me to just go to The Avengers anyway. So either way I would have ended up in a different movie then my ticket specified. I was basically given permission to sneak into a movie. Besides you only live once, mind as well break the rules every now and then. Living the YOLO way. 🙂

Regardless of it being the cause of me turning into a delinquent, Brave was actually really precious, as all Pixar movies are. It was captivating despite being a cartoon, the character’s accents were charming, and well it was just cute. Go see it. Seriously. Do it. Do you have tickets yet? 😛

After the movie we forged into the packed mall and ate at Panera. It ended up being a pretty first-rate date. 😉 Sorry about the lack of pictures, but somehow I didn’t think bringing a camera into the movie theater would go over to well.

May the summer be ever in your favor,