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Barium and Bucket Listing

As you all know, today is what I consider the first day of summer, thus the day I officially start crossing items off my summer bucket list. Despite my dream of spending the day lounging around outside, soaking up some UV rays, that is not what happened. Instead I found myself at the hospital getting prepared for a barium drinking and MRI of my digestive track. For you curious souls out there who are wondering why I was doing such a thing, it is because I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the digestive track and is highly treatable, if not bothersome. So that is how I spent my first morning of summer, gagging down what is possibly the most disgusting thing in the world and then being injected with dye and inserted into a giant, grumbling, metal doughnut.

On the bright side I did manage to complete some list items! Quite a few actually…

#6 Wake up before 7:30 everyday

Due to the fact my MRI was scheduled at the ridiculous time of 8:00; I was forced to wake before the birds at an astounding 6:30 in the morning. I would appreciate it if you’d groan at my troubles right now…did you groan? Anyway that is how I completed this item…well at least for today.

#19 Do 100 sit-ups everyday

This is my feeble attempt at trying to get some abs for the summer time. So, using my mother’s “crunch bar,” which hasn’t seen the light of day in years, I was successful at this list item also.

#71 Walk el perro everyday.

Meet Audrey, two years old, rumbustious as a puppy, and the sweetest darn thing the good Lord ever made. Her nicknames include, but are not limited to – Aud, Auddie, Auds, Auddie Boo, Auddie Boo-Boo, Boo-boo, Boo, and el perro. If you couldn’t tell she’s spoiled rotten. Anyway being that she always helps me through ruff (did you get the pun?) times I figured this summer I would pay her back by walking her every day. No easy task when you stand 5’1 and you only outweigh your dog by 20 pounds. I survived however and was rewarded for my good behaviour by a sloppy kiss on the cheek at the end of our walk. 🙂

#75 Get over my fear of needles

I am deathly afraid of needles. I mean I go into full on panic attack mode just at the though of them. Obviously this fear is a major problem when you require monthly blood tests. So what did I do when I walked in that room to find I would be getting an IV and an injection? I stood tall and said “I will do this.” OK just kidding. Really I hugged my mom in fear and turned away, but that’s besides the point because I did it, which means I can do it again, which means I am no longer living in fear of the dreaded needles of the world. Woot!

#78 Take a picture everyday of summer

Frankly I’m too tired to even attempt an artistic photo, so I just dragged my slow butt outside and snapped this real quick. Enjoy.

#99 Actually do my chores

After years of escaping the childhood jobs of vacuuming, dusting, and doing the dishes, I decided finally to  take some responsibility and help out around the house. So that’s how I spent the rest of the afternoon, dusting, mopping, and spraying. I hope my mother notices. 🙂

Overall I’d say it was a pretty productive day – and don’t worry, as summer progresses the updates will be a lot more exciting!

May the summer be ever in you favor.