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#88 Make a collage

The origin of this particular bucket list item is unknown. I’m not really sure why I decided I wanted to make a collage, especially when I consider the fact that I have absolutely no patience for crafting or anything that requires time and art. I suppose I figured it would be fun and thus stuck it on as #88 which then required me to complete it. I’m really actually regretting it and that’s pretty disheartening being that this is basically the first list item for me to complete. It was still worth it though, I suppose, and maybe one day I’ll even think back to the past three days and think “Hey, that was actually pretty fun.” But for now I’m forlorn of the outcome of my first bucket list attempt.

I figured making a collage would be simple. You look through some magazines, find some nice pictures, a little cutting and gluing and there you have it – a collage. It’s a bit more intense then that I’m afraid to say. It took me two days just to scourge up enough photos and clippings to cover the majority of the posterboard I had. I think maybe the problem was the magazines I had on hand. Every issue of Seventeen magazine contains pretty similar material, so it was pretty much impossible for me to find a variety of diverse images. Which is why I found myself, in the end, with a collage composed of shoes, penguins, and eyes. And then came the difficult job of placing the pictures into the perfect equation of looking artfully messy yet proper and neat, a combination I have yet to master. It’s quite possibly the most annoying thing for a neat freak like me to be forced to somehow make “messy” look “good.”  Sufficient to say, it was quite the task.

But despite all these dilemmas the final outcome is pretty decent, if I do say so myself. Who knew penguins, shoes, and eyes complimented each other so well when forced together on a collage? Lets just say this – I won’t be making any more collages any time soon. But hey, it’s all in the experience right?

May the summer be ever in your favor,