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#28. Do the Cinnamon Challenge

Warning: This video contains a lot of ugly faces, coughing, gurgling, and spitting. Oh and it was also filmed on an iPhone, so that’s pretty horrific. Watch at your own risk.

You’re all familiar with the cinnamon craze that exploded onto the Youtube scene about two years ago, correct? If you have no idea what I’m talking about than consider yourself immensely lucky as you are one of the few lucky individuals who have had the pleasure of not taking part in the Cinnamon Challenge. I, up until a week ago, was also one of those rare people who decided to skip the whole cinnamon madness. However as soon as the fad passed I began to have a gnawing curiosity to find out exactly how bad the cinnamon challenge really was. So with a bit of free time on my hands I decided that it was time to finally find out the answer to this burning question. My final verdict? It is horrible. To be more precise; the first five seconds will trick you into thinking it actually isn’t that bad. But then things will take a turn for the worse and your nose will begin to burn, your mouth is zapped of moisture and all you can taste is an overwhelming amount of cinnamon that makes your eyes water and your head ache. Even after gulping down and gurgling two huge glasses of milk, my throat still felt raw and my nose burned terribly. In fact the burning didn’t subside until the next day. To say the least: I don’t even like cinnamon toast anymore.

(On another note: this video is the first one I’ve done for my week-long vlog challenge. Also my tank top was messed up in this entire video. Does this bug anyone else like it bugs me?)

May the summer be ever in your favor,