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The Start of The Summer Bucket List

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought.”¬† ~Wallace Stevens

Let me start out by painting you a picture:

Imagine a 13 year old girl absently staring at the white cement wall of her school, daydreaming about summer. In the background you can hear the squeak of chalk as the teacher writes the days drill on the chalkboard. The girl continues to think of summer and what she will do. She thinks of past summers where she spent all her days at camps, and how as she got older she stopped going to camps all together. Then she thinks of last summer. How fun it was to be free of the prison of school. But yet she feels empty. She feels she wasted her summer, doing nothing productive. And as the bell rings the girl decides she will not let this summer go to waste, she will make a plan for summer, a list of all the things she must accomplish before high school starts next fall.

To be entirely honest that analogy may be slightly exaggerated, but overall it grasps what I would say was the start of this crazy idea. One spark of an idea in Spanish class and I was hooked, obsessing over what I thought needed to be on my summer bucket list. (Lets just say when I get a good idea I think about nothing else until it is completed to perfection.) So here we are two weeks after the seed was planted and already we have one bud growing; this blog!

To see my complete bucket list just go to the top of this page and click on “The Bucket List.” Its pretty simple to do. And while your at it check out my “About” page also. For now there will be no updates. But come back soon, the adventure starts May 18th, 2012!

May the Summer be Ever in Your Favor!