The 2012 Bucket List

  1. Have a garage sale.
  2. Blow bubbles. Chase after them. Laugh.
  3. Have fun in a photo booth.
  4. Write a complaint/satisfaction letter.*
  5. Shoot a gun.
  6. Wake up every morning before 7:30 a.m.
  7.  Have a huge water fight.
  8. Eat strawberry shortcake.
  9.  Superglue a quarter to the ground.
  10.  Start a blog.
  11.  Participate in a charity walk/run/event.*
  12. Read a nonfiction novel.
  13. Have a shaving cream war.
  14.  Finger paint a picture on canvas and then frame it.*
  15. Climb a tall tree.
  16.  Use a Polaroid camera to take pictures with random people, then let them keep them.*
  17. Make monkey bread.
  18. Post-it note a car.
  19.  Do 100 sit-ups every day.*
  20. Hula hoop, jump rope, and play hopscotch.
  21.  Participate in the 30 hour famine.
  22.  Go a whole day without technology.
  23.  Destroy a watermelon.*
  24.  Pick an official summer song.
  25. Have everyone I meet for a day sign my shirt.*
  26.  Spend one whole day barefoot.
  27. Wreck my Wreck this Journal.
  28.  Create something made out of duct tape.*
  29. Send a message in a bottle.
  30.  Send a handmade card to a stranger from the phone book.*
  31.  Go to a concert.
  32.  Attend a midnight release/premiere.
  33.  Celebrate a foreign holiday the way the natives do.*
  34.  Get a tan tattoo.*
  35.  Throw a paper airplane off of a bridge.*
  36.  Stay outside for 12 hours straight.
  37. Pick flowers. Give them to someone.
  38.  Set up a lemonade stand.
  39. Talk in a British accent for a day.
  40. Help an old lady cross the street.*
  41. Buy a pet goldfish.
  42. Carve my name into a tree.
  43. Go horseback riding.
  44. Draw a chalk masterpiece.
  45. Watch a meteor shower.*
  46. Dance in the rain.
  47. Paint fingernails each a different colour.
  48. Go fishing.
  49. Get a henna tattoo.
  50. Master the art of towel folding.
  51. Watch the clouds.
  52. Go to a farmers market.
  53. Fly a kite.
  54. Go to a drive-in movie.
  55. Go to a theme park. Ride all rides.
  56. On a rainy day, play all the board game classics (Scrabble, Life, Battleship, ect.)
  57. Plan an awesome prank. Then do it.
  58. Go to the zoo.
  59. Go laser tagging.
  60. Play mini golf. Try to get a hole in one.
  61. Go paintballing.
  62. Go bowling. Try to win.
  63. Send messages via snail-mail to friends.
  64. Make message balloons. See if someone responds.
  65. Go on a bike ride.
  66. Go on a picnic. Enjoy the home-made summer food.
  67. Go peach picking. Make a homemade peach cobbler.
  68. Plank, just because I can.
  69. Get manicures and pedicures with friends. Act posh.
  70. Ride a mechanical bull.
  71. Walk el perro (dog) everyday.
  72. Direct a mini movie.
  73. Have a spontaneous scavenger hunt.
  74. Have a fancy tea party. Crustless cucumber sandwiches included.
  75. Get over my fear of needles.
  76. Make smoothies. Then sit on the porch and enjoy.
  77. Go to the gym regularly/run regularly to get in shape for soccer.
  78. Take a picture every day of summer.
  79. Go to the pool a ton. Perfect my cannonball.
  80. Get a dark tan.
  81. Take a Zumba class.
  82. Spend the day doing ridiculous things.
  83. Paint a face paint masterpiece. Show it off in public.
  84. Go on a “date” with best friend.  End of the night kiss not included.
  85. Go rock climbing.
  86. Stand on the sidewalk with a sign that says “Honk if you’re sexy.” See how many honks I get.
  87. Go hiking.
  88. Make a collage.
  89. Have an egg war.
  90. Walk on the beach at night.
  91. When it’s someone’s birthday for example, if they’re turning 14, get them 14 presents.
  92. Make a giant chocolate chip cookie.
  93. Spend as much time outside as possible.
  94. Make pizza with friends. Try new toppings. Mushrooms?
  95. Rent a paddle boat.
  96. Go tubing. Relax on the river.
  97. Rock a totally unique outfit.
  98. Roll down a giant hill.
  99. Actually do my chores.
  100. Tie dye a bra.
  101. Paint pottery.
  102. Do yoga as the sun rises.
  103. Learn how to curl hair.
  104. Go canoeing or kayaking.
  105. Bury myself in the sand.
  106. Go crabbing.
  107. Freeze a water balloon. Because why not?
  108. Leave my signature everywhere.
  109. Write a letter to a soldier.
  110. Colour an entire colouring book.
  111. Midnight swimming.
  112. Volunteer at an old folks home. Talk to the people there.
  113. Go pair-a-sailing.
  114. Build a sandcastle; complete with towers, drawbridges, and moats.
  115. Participate in a Shakespeare production/See a Shakespeare production.
  116. Have an impact on someone’s life.
  117. Make a batch of homemade cupcakes.
  118. Practice archery.

* stolen from

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